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Vital City: Planning, Design, Environment & Development

Vital City is an information exchange site provided by the ICRED-IBIS network for the urban planning, environmental design, and social development. Its goal is to built public awareness and be a reference for urban planners, city developers, community and politicians, providing news, analysis, interviews, event jump love coverage, book reviews, announcements, education, training, and more.

The Vital City Team


Marisa Carmona, Chile
Rod Burgess, UK
Ma Wenjum, China
Ana Falu, Argentina
Alvaro Arrese, Argentina
Rodrigo Fernandez, The Netherlands
Silvia De Schiller, Argentina
Giulietta Fadda, Chile
Carmen Ledo UMSS, Bolivia
Sakkie Badenhorst, South Africa
Marinda Schoonraad, South Africa
Paul Makasa, Zambia
Hein de Haan, The Netherlands
Eliana Muga, Chile


Nicolas Herve, Chile
Camilo Fernandez, The Netherlands